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A line of clothing and accessories created by fashion designer Filipe Faísca, from the identification of a gap in the market and the opportunity to launch a line of execellence with a perfect finish by factories in Portugal

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About Us!

Anjos & Faisca is a recente company but with intangibles such as experience and know-how in the area of clothing and fashion acessories as well as in the area of management.

Therefore, its history is the result of the experience, knowledge and sensitivity of its leaders. Each adds its curriculum and academic skills in positions of small and médium-sized enterprises and the experience shared with their students at the University and professional training. They also add their sensitivity and perception in an area they dominate and the contacts on the side of the supply and demand of what they consider to be market failures or high potential.

Company Culture!

The good mission statements have three main characteristics: A limited number of goals emphasize the main policies and values that the company intends to honour and the primary competitive spheres within each the company operates. They foresee the definition of an “impossible dream” that will allow the company the leadership for the next ten to twenty coming years.

This chapter intends to architecting the strategic management process for the new business created. Its strategy is a way of thinking the future, integrated into the decison making process, based on a formalized procedure and articulator of results.


Anjos & Faísca aims to create and sell clothing and fashion acessories by Filipe Faísca which will promote not only portuguese design but also its quality. A reflexion of the national clothing industry as it will offer unique design products, competitive and accessible to a medium-high segment of clients.


Anjos & Faísca is to be a renown national and international company by the selling and promotion of exquisite design and quality clothing. It wants to be recognized as a quality brand, with higly satisfied costumers who wish quality, design and well-being at competitive prices.

Keys. Seven!

We have adopted this tool in order to make a critical analysis to present better results. To analyze and rectify in whatever may be necessary the collaboration of employees as a central strategy for the development and sucess of the company:

1. Creating an inclusive culture

To include means decentralization and trust. An inclusive culture determines structure and management gains. Sharing management as well as the distribution of power increases the employees involvement in planning and decision making. A well-defined corporate culture invites and facilitates participation.

2. Creating collaborative relationships

To solve conflicts respecting the opinions and diferences of others is the primary tool for increasing the productivity of a team. Searching consensus, negotiating decisions and compromises is crucial to the achievement of confidence between employees and the direction. A structure with a platform of relationships based on confidence factors facilitates relations and promote interconnections that can fuel productivity gains.

3. Personal power

Structures too tiered favour centralized and distant systems. The replacemnet of a graduated power by a matrix power with networking, structured personal connections between management and employees will be a methodology to consider.

4. Alignment with personal goals

The combination of intense relations between employees and company cretaes conditions for an alignment of personal goals with the goals of the company. This combination will be crucial to the success of business projects and personal projects of employees but whenever personal goals go beyond the company there will be conditions for further conflicts, diminishing global confidence and putting at risk the achievement of goals for the company.

5. Leadership and team work

A team is a result of a combination of factors. To form good teams is the work of a Director with leadership, who articulates, associates and brings together the players. Good players is the result of good leadership and the result of the creation of teams with preset objectives.

6. Pro-ativitity

An organized structure assumes having alert systems to allow to antecipate scenarios and combine solutions to possible problems. And this ability to make predictions is rewarded by the reduction of possibler effects that certain measures might involve.

7. Open to learn attitude

To manage implies the practice of errors.But the eimportant thing is not to make mistakes but its repetition that can cause the desintegration of any enterprise projects. Learning from erroros implies a reflection exercise on the consequences of decisions and involves a consideration on methologies and modes of organization but it always leads to a focus on training and the development of new decisions.

Our Values


Provide the customers high quality service.


Implementation of professional and demanding service.


Presentation of differatiated and interarted products.

Ability and Suitability

Ensure the offer of solutions accoding to the expectations.


Presentation of innovative solutions using the best practices available.


Creating unique and original products from specific experiences.

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